WARNING: Take care if selling your bike in South America

I am Erling Steen from Norway, and have been traveling by motorcycle for many years all over Europe, parts of Asia, parts of the US and most of Central-/South America.

In 2002/2003 I rode my bike from the US, and finally ended up in Paraguay. It was difficult to sell my bike there, but I had a potential buyer back in Brazil. When a motorcyclist friend I had met in Ecuador was coming to Paraguay and offered to buy the bike, I went for that solution.
At the time it seemed like a good idea, but I now deeply regret the deal. I have lost a friend, and not been paid.
To read about my experience and the person in question, go to the harsh facts.

If you are doing a similar journey, please take care if you want to sell your motorcycle at the end of the trip:

Follow the advice above and you should be better off than I am.

I want to emphasize that most people in South America are nice, trustworthy and great people. My experience is an exception to the rule, but shows that you shouldn't trust people when it comes to money issues, even if they can be trusted with other things.

I wish you a great motorcycle ride through the beautiful part of the world called South America!